Homewatch Services

A vacant home is a vulnerable home. At AlwaysOn Property Management you can trust us to keep your home at peak condition and your valuables safe. Our specialized team will make sure to keep a log and report all work done to your home during your peaceful vacation time. From cutting the lawn, to checking your windows to make sure their locked. AlwaysOn will keep a light on for you when your away. Please see below some of the services we provide for a small one time per visit fee. Our prices are determined by various factors. Please feel free to contact us in order to receive the most accurate estimate based on your needs.

Check the heating/air conditioning system for proper performance
Check windows and doors and make sure they are secured
Check each appliance to ensure proper performance
Run water in all sinks and flush all toilets to help keep the gaskets & traps from drying out*
Check hot water heater for leaks and performance
Check the breaker box for any tripped circuits, reset then investigate why it tripped
Pest and mold visual check  
Run dishwasher once a month*  
If you have an auto we will start and run it if instructed  
Check/change air filters (additional charge for filter if not provided by owner)  
Check/change moisture control products (damp rid - additional charge for filter if not provided by owner)  
Check pool and/or hot tub where applicable  
Check garage, vehicles if/when requested  

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